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Friday, February 24, 2012

Hey Girl Can You Make Me Some Ruffle Britches?

Now that I have a new burlap wreath on my front door and Ugly Chair Number Two is finished I have had time to do a little sewing.  I haven't sewn anything since before Christmas and I've been going through withdrawals!  It was nice having my dining room looking like a dining room and not a sweat shop, but sacrifices have to be made for creativity!

Before I show y'all a few things I've been sewing on I have to ask if y'all have seen those hilarious "Hey Girl" sayings that are all over Pinterest?  Oh my word!  They crack me up!  Here are two of my favorites!
He is so talking to me!  Do Not walk in my dining room/sweat shop without shoes on or you will be sorry!

Seriously!  I thought my burlap wreath was awesome, but I guess I was the only one! Waaah!  :(

So anyway, a friend of mine has a precious little girl who wants some ruffle britches (ruffle britches are all the rage with little girls around here) and since she knows I like to sew she asked if I would make a few pair for her.  She bought the fabric and the notions and I did the sewing!

This Tinkerbell fabric was precious.  My friend told me her little girl put them on and wouldn't take them off at bedtime, so she let her sleep in them!

Another precious fabric choice.

There was enough of this fabric to make a cute pillowcase dress to go with the britches.

I haven't invested in personalized labels yet, so for now I just fold over a little bias tape and sew it into the waistband to indicate the back of the britches.

The third pair of britches was made with this sock monkey fabric.  I can't believe I forgot to take a picture, but here is what the fabric looks like.

This is the fabric that was sent for the ruffle.  I didn't like it.

On it's own it could be cute, but I didn't think the reds matched and the ruffle monkeys weren't even sock monkey's.

Turns out my friend wasn't so sure about the combination either.  She said the lady at the fabric store matched them up.  We decided I would just make the ruffle out of the sock monkey fabric and I'll save the other monkey fabric for something else.

My friend's little girl loves her new britches! 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

If You Give A Mama A Cup of Coffee...

If you're around young children at some point in your life you probably know the Laura Numeroff ,"If You Give A Mouse A Cookie" book, along with "If You Give A Pig A Pancake, A Moose A Muffin... etc."  If I were so inclined to write a book like that, it would be called "If You Give a Mama A Cup of Coffee".  Just like the mouse and the moose and the pig, impending doom and chaos will abound when mama's are given a cup of coffee.  I think the same can be said if you give her a telephone, a shower or a visit to the bathroom. The next sentence after "If you give a mama a cup of coffee", would be "children everywhere will come out of the woodwork!"

 Why is it that the minute you sit down at the computer with your morning coffee and attempt to check your emails, sleeping children will arise and being to crawl in your lap? Three children crawling in your lap will cause your coffee to spill all over your keyboard and desk.  Spilled coffee on your desk and keyboard will cause your keyboard to short out and the coffee to run down the walls and onto the floor.  Coffee on your keyboard and walls and floor will result in a mama jumping up and dumping children out of her lap and running to the kitchen for a dish towel.  Dumping children onto the floor will incite much crying and children shouting and blaming each other that because YOU spilled the coffee we can't play Webkinz!

After wiping up the coffee, throwing away soggy papers, scrubbing the walls and floor, drying out the keyboard and banishing the children to the kitchen with their poptarts Mama will be ready to sit down and read her emails.  While reading her emails she'll probably smell the remnants of hazelnut creamer in the carpet and if she smells the hazelnut creamer, she'll probably want a cup of coffee to go with it!

That was how my morning went and I never did get to finish my coffee. Now that the children are napping I'm tempted to put on another pot.  I'm just not sure if I should risk it though!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Ta-da! Ugly Chair No. 2 is Finished!

Just when I thought I was getting pretty good at this upholstering thing, I hit a snag with the second ugly chair.  My stapler started messing up on me and the staples were going in all wonky.  One side of the staple was in and the other was all bent up!  I was so frustrated I was about to take " Ugly Number 2" to the Goodwill and let someone else try their hand at making her pretty.  After much aggravation and staple removing, I finally got the fabric stapled on, only to realize I hadn't pulled the fabric taught in one spot on the back and there was a big pucker!  Somebody shoot me!  I had to remove half the staples from the front of the chair to get to the back so I could pull out those staples too!  I swear I never want to see another staple for the rest of my life! 

Then there was piping issues.  The cording I bought was a smidgen smaller than than what was originally on the chair and it left a gap between the cushion and the chair frame.  I went back to Hobby Lobby and the next size up was twice the size.  I bought it anyway.  I figured if that didn't work I'd just buy some black gimp (I used white on the first chair) and trim it out that way.  In the end I used both sizes of cording and I think it looks kind of cool!  And here she is!  What do you think?

I'll take some more pictures tomorrow during the daytime.  I had every light in the room on and had my son holding a shadeless lamp towards to chair just to get it this bright!
Here she is before her make over.

 And remember how Number 1 looked before the change?

Here she is today.

My two old ugly chairs aren't so ugly anymore!

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