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Friday, August 5, 2011

The Baby Made Me Do It

When my sister found out she was expecting last year she and her hubs decided to make it a surprise birthday.  Nobody knew the sex of the baby.  I'm here to tell you that it is super hard to shop for a baby when you don't know the sex.  EVERYTHING is either pink or blue.  Even carseats and strollers are gender specific these days.  When it was time to throw the baby shower I had just finished reading the Twilight books, so of course we had to have a teams at the shower - Team Pink and Team Blue.  We decided, using a proven scientific method, that since there were more people on Team Blue, the baby would definitely be a boy.  Science-Smience! I  was on Team Pink and you couldn't change my mind about it!  Turns out I was right and in early December my bouncing baby neice was born.

Since we were unable to buy baby clothes before the baby arrived (other than some generic sleepers and onesies) I decided to get out my sewing machine and start sewing.  I am not an expert sewer.  I've never had a sewing lesson in my life, but I thought I could figure it out if I tried.  I started out simple with a couple of pillowcase dresses.  Mine weren't made from actual pillowcases, but the actual shape of the dress is a rectangle like a pillowcase.  I got the bloomers pattern from a friend of mine.  I think this is one of my favorite dresses.  I love the fabric! Check out this blog  for a video tutorial and free pattern!
Then I made this one with the contrasting ruffle. 

I also made her this bandana dress, which we dubbed the bbq dress, and matching bloomers and bonnet.

I had such success with the bandana dress that I wanted to try something else using bandanas.  So I came up with this cute outfit.

Next my sister picked up some fabric and I made these darling baby shoes  and a matching pinafore dress.  I love this pattern so much!  I bought the shoe pattern off of Etsy.  There are lots of cute patterns for very reasonable prices.

I found the pattern for this dress here . It was free also!  Yay Free!  This was also my first attempt at a button hole and making covered buttons!  Believe it or not, it was Easy Breezy! :)

Then I found this cute peasant dress pattern also on Etsy and with some pink plisse and white eyelet, I crafted this little dress and bloomers.

Oh and I made one more thing using a baby headband and some tulle, that I was sure the baby would need.  I realize that others doubted my logic...

... but I stand by my belief that a baby does need a tutu!


  1. Oh my goodness, I need a little girl. Too late for me, I can hold on to hope for a grandbaby girl someday:) Thanks for sharing with my newbie party

  2. I love all of them. You go girl!

  3. I, too, believe a baby should have a tutu! You are incredibly creative and talented! I'm blown away!


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