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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm still at it!

I'm on a roll with the sewing, but I've promised myself I will put it away after one more outfit.  Okay two.  Two more outifts for the baby and I will clean up the dining room!  I wish I had a better place to do my sewing so the first thing you see when you walk in my house is not a big fat mess!  Anyway, things are still a mess, but I just had to share this latest outfit with you!
I know the weather is getting cooler out, so I made this outfit bigger so she can wear it next spring.  Oh, and remember the romper?  I decided to get it monogrammed.  How cute is this?

Well, I'd better get back to sewing.  I've got two outfits to make before Thursday!  Y'all know I'll be sharing them with you!

Join me here:


  1. Why stop when you're on a roll? Love the pale blue and the lace. The outfit looks terrific!

  2. Hey there! I am Melanie at the Pickle Tree! You commented on my snowman pinafore...I was just snooping through your blog. Love all your cute little outfits! And WAR EAGLE! It is not fun being an AUburn girl stuck in DOWG country:) I am so lucky that my hebby is a Tiger fan too or I would go insane!!!!


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