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Friday, March 23, 2012

Preschool Crafts

One of my favorite themes to teach in preschool is Community Helpers.  February is Community Helpers month in my class and I thought I'd share a few things that we have fun doing.

Traffic Light Cookies  (oops it's upside down!)

Doctor Bags

All the supplies inside the doctor bag.

Dental Health Week -   The teeth are mini marshmallows.  I let the kids lick one end and stick it to the construction paper lips.  The sugar in the marshmallow acts like glue.

It always tickles me to see how each child applies their "teeth".

One of my favorite activites during dental health week is when we talk about healthy snacks and not-so-healthy snacks. I bring Oreo cookies, apple slices and a mirror to class. First I let them eat an Oreo and then show them how their teeth look when they eat not-so-healthy snacks.

Then I give them an apple slice to eat.

Afterwards I let them take a look in the mirror to see how nice and clean their teeth are after eating a healthy snack!

In Miss Wren's class we are all about some hats!  I love this little police hat and stop sign.  Of course, it reminded me of the Citizen's Arrest episode of the Andy Griffith Show, so we marched next door to Miss Peggy's class shouting "Citizen's Arrest! Citzen's Arrest!"

We had a real firetruck come to visit our class during Fire Safety Week, but guess which teacher forgot her camera that day!?

These hats make me want to say "Romper Bomper Stomper Boo".  Who remembers that from Romper Room back in the early 70s?  Man I'm old!

When I was explaining this theme to my class, we started listing people who are community helpers like policemen and doctors etc.  One little boy raised his finger into the air and proclaimed, "Witches are NOT helpers!"  You got that right buddy! 

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  1. Hi! Do you have a template for the fireman hat?

  2. Do you have a template for the firefighter hat project?

  3. did anyone find a template for that hat?

  4. Did anyone ever find a template??

  5. I'm sorry but I cannot post the template for the fireman hat because it comes from another published source. However, if you'd like to contact me by email, I can share it with a "friend". wren.daniels@gmail.com

  6. Is the yellow on the stop light cookie icing?

    1. Yes, it is white icing tinted with yellow food coloring for the stop light cookie.

  7. Please email me template gtkldavis2000@yahoo.com

  8. can you also email me the template of the policeman and fireman hat? femagraceparocho@gmail.com
    Thank You.

  9. Would also love the template for the fireman hat. eweber5@wi.rr.com
    Thank you!

  10. Can someone please email me the template for the fire fighter hat?
    Thank you!

  11. I love the fireman hats!!! I would love to have a copy of the template to use for Open House at in Sept. mtsolon21emtjn@gmail.com
    Thank you so much!!

  12. Can I have the fireman hat template? Thanks so much!

  13. Can you email me the policeman and fireman template? jam091@albright.edu


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