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Friday, January 27, 2012

Ugly Chair Part Deaux

I am in no way ready for the big reveal, but I did want to share a few pictures of the remaking of the second ugly chair.

Here she is, in all her tweedy, mauve glory.
I honestly don't know where we got this chair.  One day it just appeared at my house.  I think the hubs found it on the side of the road. Seriously.  I've tried on numerous occasions to throw it away, but one of my boys always fetches it from the trash and wants to keep it!  I have resigned myself to the fact that the chair is staying, but I have not resigned myself to mauve tweed.  Even in the 90s I don't think I would have liked this chair, although it would have gone perfectly with the mauve and country blue Laura Ashley loveliness I had going on at that time.

As you can see, the seat was removable, much like a dining room chair.  I just unscrewed it from underneath and it popped right off.
Then I pulled off the piping, the fabric and foam from the front of the chair.

  The back of the chair is upholstered from the front side of the chair. You can see the reverse side of the fabric from the front of the chair.

And here she is, completely disrobed and down to the frame.  The "disrobing" is really the hardest part.  Upholstery takes a lot of staples and it can be a real bear pulling those staples out.  My poor knuckles are so scratched up from prying staples out with pliers and a screwdriver and my back and arms are so sore from all the pulling and tugging, but I got it done.

I went ahead and covered the seat because I was dying to see how the new fabric looked.  I love the whimsy of the polka dots but I think the color scheme gives it a masculine feel.
Covering the seat cushion really was easy breezy.  I just centered the cushion on the fabric, folded the edges around to the backside of the seat and stapled.  When I staple I usually start at the top center and put in one staple, then I go to the bottom center and then side to side.  After I check to see if the fabric stayed centered I  go back and bring the corners in and staple them down.  When I get the corners like I like them I go back and finish the sides.  The more staples the better.  You don't want your fabric to pucker on the finished side.

I opted to cover over the original fabric because as you can see in the before picture, there is a detail seam sewn through to the cushion.  I didn't want to ruin the cushion by trying to tear the fabric off so I just covered over it.  I will add a new piece of that black backing fabric to cover the edges and give it a professional look.

I haven't attached the seat or started on the back of the chair yet because I plan on painting the frame black first.  I hope to have everything done this weekend and I will move the chair back into my son's bedroom.  I may do a little sewing with the left over fabric too.  I got this on clearance and bought the rest of the bolt, so I may have enough to make some pillow shams for the bed.  Wish me luck!

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