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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Burlap Wreath

I have officially jumped on the burlap bandwagon and I am enjoying the ride too!  I have fallen in love with all the burlap wreaths that keep popping up on Pinterest (if you haven't discovered Pinterest you need to!  It's my new obsession!) so my good friend Jennifer and I decided we'd make our own. 

Jennifer is a new friend that I've gotten to know through work and we have so much in common.  First of all we are both named Jennifer - my first name is Jennifer and my middle is Wren (Jenny Wren when I was little, but Jennifer in school because it was my first name and apparently middle names were not allowed!).  Secondly, we both have sons named Seth, and thirdly, one of my sons and one of her sons share a birthday.  But the main reason I like Jennifer is because, like me, she looks at things and says, "I can make that!"  We have had a great time making wreaths.  We both made mesh wreaths at Christmastime and last friday we got together and each made a burlap wreath.

I made this wreath just like I did the mesh wreath.  I used the same wire wreath frame from Michael's but the burlap isn't nearly as wide as the mesh so I had to do two rows of the burlap to fill the wreath.  The burlap came from Michael's as well.  Each spool has 10 feet of burlap ribbon that is 6 inches wide.  I used almost 2 spools of ribbon.  I bought the black mesh ribbon from Hobby Lobby. This is a narrower version of the mesh and it is 6 inches wide too.  The letter came from Hobby Lobby as well, and I painted it black.  I'm thinking I might add a little sparkle to the letter with some black glitter and I think the bow needs a little something, but this is how it looks today.  I'm thinking I might get some red burlap to make another bow and maybe add some hearts for Valentine's day.  We'll see what inspiration strikes me at Hobby Lobby tomorrow!

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  1. Wow!!! Wren -- Amy told me about your blog!! This is awesome -- and no surprise!! I'm a fan!!
    -- sharon

    1. Thanks for checking out my blog Sharon! Who knew blogging could be so much fun!

  2. awww Wren...I'm so flattered you mentioned me here on your blog. It's neat how we have so much in common. I'm so grateful to have you as a friend and I get so much inspiration and motivation from you. I LOVE your burlap wreath! I liked it with the black too though. I've got to take a photo of mine with the heart in the center and post it on my blog. Now...what to make next! :)


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