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Sunday, November 13, 2011

We're Bringing the 70's Back

My daddy turned 70 years old this week and we wanted to do something really special for his birthday, so we planned a surprise 70's party for him.  Everyone dressed like it was the 1970's.  If you lived during that time you know that the 70s covered a wide range of looks.  From hot pants and go-go boots, to tie-dye shirts and headbands, to hairy chests and leisures suits!  I think we covered all those looks at the party last night!
We told Daddy we were going to get together and have a cook-out to celebrate his birthday, so he knew we were getting together, but he didn't know the theme or that we'd invited forty people!  He was certainly surprised at all that, but I think even more surprised at the Elvis costume we'd ordered for him to wear!  After all he was the King of the Party!

This is my daddy and his siblings.  I think they represented the 70's from beginning to end!

I love all the costumes.

My cousins
My brother-in-law in his authentic Harlem Globetrotters jersey.

I hardly recognized my own son!

My sister looking very retro.

I ordered this door hanging for photo ops.

Me in my "Rhoda Morganstern" scarf with Luke and Josh 

Seventy years of pictures

From Disco Queens to CB Radio Truckers

Remember these shoes?
My brother and his wife looking very "Partridge Family"

Peace and Love Y'all

Love all the afros!

A groovy cake

Have a Nice Day cookies

The whole bunch!

Join me here:
Debbiedoos Newbie Party


  1. Looks like great fun. Everyone sure looks like they belong in the 70's. Love your Rhoda head scarf - I used to love that show.

  2. I LOVE IT! Of course I would, we did this theme for my sons birthday over the summer. We had the best time as did the kids who of course have no clue what the 70's were like. You guys look great, thanks for sharing.


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