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Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in July

Can y'all believe we are only 5 months away from Christmas?  I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and they already have all of their Fall stuff out and several rows of Christmas stuff.  If you are a crafter, especially if you sell your crafts, its time to get started making your holiday items.

As a preschool teacher I tried to come up with an ornament that will be a true keepsake for my students to give their parents at Christmastime.  Not that we don't make our fair share of popcicle stick reindeer and pipe cleaner candy canes and such, but I wanted to make something that would hold up for years and years.  This is what I decided to make.

I purchased the softball sized ornaments.  They come in clear or in frosted.  I've used both, but the frosted version is shown here.  Most craft stores sell these ornaments and they usually come four to a box.  Here's what you'll need:

Red, Green and Lime Green Acrylic Paint (GLOSSY)
Black dementional paint
Round Sponge Spouncers
Baby Wipes

Step one is to paint the palm of the childs hand.  Have them hold their hand out straight and stiff.  Place the ornament in the palm of their hand then tell them to grab it and immediately let go.  I usually do a run through of this process before I paint their hand so they know exactly what to do.  If they move their hand and the print gets smeared, no fear, when it is still wet it will wash right off with water and then you can try again.  When you have the handprint on the ornament set it aside to dry.  You can stick a few dowels in a foam block as a drying rack or go ahead and hang them from an ornament hook to dry.  Wash the childs hands off immediately with baby wipes or at the sink with soap and water.  The paint comes off of skin, but will stain fabrics, so be careful.

When the handprint is dry I go back with my round spouncers and add polka dots.  I've found that doing three different sized and different colored dots works best without it looking to polka dotty.  When the dots are dry go back with your black dementional paint and write the childs name and the year.  When everything is dry I tie a piece of coordinating ribbon to the ornament cap and there you go! Easy Breezy!

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  1. Great idea!!! found you on pinrest.
    Ima do this for my tree and as Christmas Presents for grandma.

  2. Where's your 'Pin It!' button??

  3. I guess I'd better get with the program and add a pin it button! I haven't blogged in a while but do plan to get back to it soon.

  4. Thank you for giving me the things I need to accomplish this! I've been searching for instructions. I have about 8 days left with my daycare child before school break!


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