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Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting Started

I guess this is the hardest part - the getting started.  I decided to jump on the blog bandwagon a few weeks ago after reading some awesome blogs out there but I had the hardest time coming up with the perfect bloggy name.  I ruled out names like "Crap Miss Wren Makes" (apparently there is another blog out there about crap somebody else makes  http://www.crapivemade.com/  Check her out, she's a hoot!)  and "I'll Show You Mine if You Show Me Yours" (I thought twice about that one.  There's no telling what people would have expected to see when they logged on!)  I'm not sure that Easy Breezy is the perfect blog name, but it is something I catch myself saying a lot.

So on to the Easy Breezy stuff!  It seems I always have atleast one project in the making - for instance I have decided to try my hand a reupholstery.  I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing, but I've been reading up on it and I think I can pull it off.  Now, I have re-covered the seats of many a dining room chair before, but I've never tackled any thing big like a wingback chair!  I've had this ugly chair for many years.  It wasn't ugly when we got it, but after 18 years that's how it ended up.  It wasn't new when I got it and its been sitting in my garage for the past four years so I figured what the heck, if I ruin it I'll take it to Goodwill.  I actually checked into having it reupholstered but CHA-CHING!  So I've taken the plunge on my own.  Here is the ugly chair (along with a step ladder and a carpet remnant to add to the charm!).

There used to be buttons on the cushion, but three little boys later, they are nowhere to be found.  I probably should have started with something easier that wouldn't require me to learn to make piping with double welt cording (I had never heard of such!), but I figure if I can pull off this chair everything else will be easy by comparison.  Kind of like learning to drive a stick shift - if you can do that then driving automatic is Easy Breezy!

Okay, I've already gotten WAAAAY too long winded  (be warned, this could be an issue!) so I'll hush now, but  I will return with updated posts on the ugly chair!  Thanks for visiting my blog and bear with me as I figure this thing out! :)

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