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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Son-in-Law Shirt

I know you are expecting another post about the Ugly Chair, but I am still waiting on the monogram to be finished, so I'm kind of at a standstill. I've made many a New Year's Resolution about not starting a new project before I finish an old one, but to be honest, they seem to go by the wayside along with the lose weight, exercise and save money ones. This was a super quick project that I knew I could finish in a afternoon, so I figured it wouldn't do any harm.

My son in law sent a bag of hand-me-downs to my two teenage sons and there was one shirt that neither of them claimed. I was going to put it in my Goodwill bag, but on further inspection I decided I really liked the fabric and figured there was enough of it to make some really cute pants for a friends new baby boy.

I found this adorable and FREE pattern and tutorial here.

It didn't take long at all to whip up these baby pants and if it hadn't been for the snaps and pocket on the front of the shirt I would have had enough fabric to make a second pair. Then I came across this cutie here . Are these bibs precious or what? And did you see the other projects she made using old button down shirts? So cute!

So I got to work cutting out the bib pattern and in no time at all I had a precious (and free) baby gift.

Okay, I did have to run out and get some coordinating bias tape for the bib, but everyone knows I would have found my way to the fabric store this weekend anyhow. Now I can't wait for the next bag of hand-me-downs. I think I'll be going through it before the boys do!

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  1. Hi I have come across from debbies newbies party, and I'm glad I did! This little pair of shorts is the cutest I never would have thort of making that out of a shirt! Brilliant! I can't wait to see what else you come up with, and the reveal o your upholstering :) p.s I am your newest follower!!

  2. I saw your blog on debbie's party too. This is really a creative way to use old clothes. I've kept boxes of them just waiting til I have spare time to turn them into something creative. you've inspired me to get them out.

  3. These turned out great! I especially like how the bib shows the pocket and a couple of snaps. So adorable! Your friend is going to love this baby gift. :-)


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