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Friday, July 15, 2011

The Ugly Chair Part IV - The Cushion

I am so excited to say, that I have made my first cushion.  I'm not claiming perfection on this thing, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.  I layed the foam onto my fabric and traced around it leaving  enough fabric to go half way up the side of the cushion and for the seam allowance, then I cut it out. Next I layed the cording on the right side of the fabric and pinned raw edge to raw edge.  Then using my new handy dandy zipper foot (I'm telling y'all, this zipper foot has changed my life!) I sewed around the entire cushion top so the cording went all the way around.  Check out this tutorial on how to join the beginning and end pieces of the cording here .  Next  I took the bottom piece of fabric, lined it up with the top, right sides facing and sewed around 3 sides of the cushion. 

Just a quick note,  the drop cloth fabric ravels like a big dawg!   Next time I might cut my strips a little wider to cover my cording just to allow for some of the raveling.    

Then I turned the fabric right side out and slipped the cushion inside.  The most tedius part was blind stitching the cover closed.  My original cushion had a zipper so the slipcover could be removed, but I wasn't brave enough to tackle that yet.  Maybe next time.

Here is my lovely new cushion.   It's not perfect, but I'm proud of it.  Ignore the rest of the chair as it is not anywhere near being done. 

I have hit a bit of a snag with the double welt cording for the rest of the chair, so Plan B is to try it with single cording.  If that's not wide enough to do the job then  Plan C is to use gimp.  Gimp is a kind of braided trim. Miss Mustard Seed  uses it a lot on her gorgeous chairs, so I know it will look good on mine too!

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